Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Brazilian Critical Mass Mowed Down by Crazed Driver

A group of Critical Mass riders in Brazil were last Friday mowed down by a Volkswagen driving at what looks to be very high speed.  Apparently fifty cyclists were hit and two are in a critical condition.  Looking at the footage, I cannot believe that no one was killed on impact.

The driver, one Ricardo Jos√© Neis, fled the scene and dumped his car.  He was apprehended on Monday and may faces charges of attempted homicide.  He claims that the cyclists began beating his car and that he feared for his life and panicked.  The chief investigator, however, describes this claim as "fanciful" and the cyclists themselves report he drove behind them for two blocks and then simply accelerated through them.

Be warned, this footage is a bit shocking.

The event is reminiscent of an accident that took place in Mexico in 2008.  In this case, the driver was drunk and fell asleep before colliding with the group, killing one and injuring ten.

Cyclists hit in Mexico

I hope this doesn't put anyone off cycling.  The only good thing about freak accidents and freaks is they don't show themselves all that often.  But when they do...freaky.

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