Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Moroccan Flavours

I took these photos while in Morocco in mid-2007.  Most of them were taken in Essaouira, which is a beautiful harbour town famous for its seafood and wind.  I was completely enamoured with the place.  All the doors and gutters were painted blue and most of the walls were whitewashed.  Streets were bustling.  The whole place was surrounded by fortress walls.  It really was enchanting.

And the locals seemed to like their bikes.  Below is a taste of what I saw.

Boy, bird, bike on the shore at Essaouira.

The smallest lock I have ever seen.  Puts the Kryptonite Mini-D to shame.

Fitting in

From the back... the front

Some rear suspension by the seaside is hard for a bicycle

All the doors in Essaouira are painted blue. So are many of the bicycles.

The work never ends for a bicycle wheel in Morocco.

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