Saturday, May 28, 2011


In case you haven't heard of 2XU, it's a sports clothing brand. The name is very clever. 2XU. Get it? Two times you. As in, two multiplied by you. That's sounds a bit weird though, doesn't it? I think UX2 sounds better. Either way, the meaning is clear; wear these clothes and you will be twice as good as normal. Amazing.

Anyway, more on the name later. For now, I'd like to bring your attention to this;

Notice anything strange? The model in this image, whose identity has no doubt been suppressed to protect him from being teased, has a rotating torso. Unfortunately, there's a large price tag over the area of interest, so we can't quite see the intricacies, but it's pretty obvious what's happening, not to mention extraordinary.

It reminds me a bit of those games where you mix the head, body and torso, except they're obviously make believe while the 2XU guy is obviously not.

But what would our 2XU man look like if his head wasn't missing? Well, with the aid of some yet to be released image-rendering software (I have a friend at Adobe) coupled with my unrivalled hacking skills, I generated an image to give you a good idea;

I know it's hard to believe that this is computer'll just have to trust me on that one.

Anyway, all this talk of 2XU got me thinking. If I were to start a rival company, I'd call it "BW"...get it? "Be double you". Definitely a superior name to 2XU because it promises the same incredible performance-increase yet uses less symbols. For me, that says, "This brand will make you twice as good, just like the other brand, but because it gets the same message across with a third less symbols, you won't have to try as hard."

Or, you could play a game of simple one-upmanship and call yourself 3XU. You're kind of leaving yourself open there though so you may as well trade-in one-upmanship for seven-upmanship and be 9XU. Sure, someone could always come along and go with 10XU or something similar, but that's too many symbols, isn't it? No one would take you seriously.

Then I got to thinking about where 2XU could go if they wanted to diversify. Here are a few ideas I cam up with;

8.2 Much Diet Systems

2+U - "Live your threesome dream"

6.4U - New Zealand brothel

P2Day Incontinence Services

YC Guide Dog Services "YC? Our dogs are so good, you won't need to"

WeWe French Tutors

2XU, you can have those for free. That's how nice I am.

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