Friday, May 20, 2011

Gates of Eden Cycling Club

I saw this jersey on the way home today in Carlton. Someone had seen fit to display it to the world. Nothing like a retro jersey to show your love for cycling in an understated way. Nothing like displaying a piece of cycling paraphernalia from your window to show your love for cycling in an overstated way.

I have plenty of retro jerseys although rarely wear them...they're a bit hipster for me. Although, come to think of it I've never seen a hipster wear a retro cycling jersey so maybe that's not the right word. Contrived? Try hard? Not sure. It's probably just fine to wear one. I should ask The Sartorialist...he'd know.

Anyway, I'm all for displaying them on walls and in windows. The one pictured is from the Gates of Eden Cycle Club. I don't really know what that's a reference to. A quick google search, I mean, my extensive knowledge of pop culture reveals that it could be the Dylan song or the book by Ethan Cohen. Or maybe it's just some god-loving club. It matters not.

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