Sunday, June 26, 2011

Melburn-Roobaix 2011

Today was the 6th annual Melburn-Roobaix.  The weather was perfect for the 800 or so athletes who subjected their bodies to the punishment doled out by the fabled cobbles that are peppered between Hawthorn and Brunswick.  Andy of fyxomatosis fame put on a slick event that was enjoyed by all.

While this is a serious event ("a ride, not a race"), there was still room for a bit of fun.  There were Power Rangers, unicyclists, tandems for two and tandems for three, spandex, lycra, wool, sound systems, baguettes, and beer.  There were hipsters, commies, roadies and posties.  There were rich and poor, old and young, shaved and not.  All sorts were brought together by one thing; bike.

Unfortunately, I couldn't catch everything on film, as I was concentrating on other things, but here are a few snaps I did manage to catch...enjoy.

29" is so 2010.  In 2011 it's all about 36"

Planning the route

Aero tuck

La lanterne bleu

Well earned...

Triple the fun?

Campagnole 4-speed

This guy won a pair of jeans for being the dirtiest.  How did he get so dirty?  He jumped in a puddle.

This lucky punter won a return airfare to Paris for next year's Paris-Roubaix.

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