Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Photo Op.

Bicycles make the perfect models.  They're not shy at all, even when they're naked.  They are always photogenic.  They look good from any angle.  The wind doesn't ruin their hair.  They can work on no sleep.

China, somewhere rural

Bicycles tell a story about the world around them.  Just like people, bicycles come from many different countries.  Just like people, bicycles migrate for many different reasons.  And just like people, bicycles do many different things, from racing around a velodrome to delivering newspapers.

You might think I'm a bit biased towards bicycles.  You may say that similar sentiments could be heaped on any other manmade inanimate object.  Just like bicycles, you could photograph cars or walkmans (walkmen?) or fridges and say, "Look, this object is beautiful!  This object tells a story!"  And you might be right.  I have seen some nice fridges and cars in my time.  I have walked and listened to a cassette AT THE SAME TIME, which was great.

But bicycles differ because where humanity goes, bicycles almost always follow.  They're like the cain toad of the world.  Except they're good.  They bring transport to those who can't afford cars.  They bring joy to children who can't afford gaming consoles.  They bring hassle-free parking to those who live in cities that don't have any parking spaces left anymore.  They do lots of good things.

So, with that in mind, welcome to the newest section of The Weekly Cycle; Photo Op.  It's where you get the opportunity to show the world your photos.  I might show mine from time to time too.

If you'd like to show your photos to the world, send them to info@theweeklycycle.com
Tell us a bit about them and don't be shy with the kilobytes either; we like high def here at The Weekly Cycle.  Send one or send many.

Part 1 of Photo Op. comes courtesy of my mate Patch.  He's captured bicycles from all around the world.  I'll let them do the talking (with a little help from the captions)...

Luang Prabang, Laos

A boy rides his bike through a tropical downpour and the ocean in Palau Tiomon, Malaysia

He's a good boy though; knows to wash the salt water off

I know it's not a bicycle... 

Knysna, South Africa
Off to go sandboarding in a desert, somewhere

Eight on a bike

Xian, China

A few bikes parked in China

Closer to home...Lancefield, Victoria, Australia

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