Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Pit In


"Why do I have to get off my bike just to go and sit on another seat?"

This is the question I ask myself every morning when I arrive at work.  It seems like a total waste of energy and time.  I mean, I'm already sitting, but then I have to stand up, walk and then sit down again.

The Pit In answers my question.  It says, "You don't have to, Laurence.  You no longer have to waste all that precious time and energy.  Simply ride your bike into your desk."

Look how comfortable and relaxed he is!

As it says on the website;


And for those of you who can't read Japanese, I've taken the liberty of translating this for you;

Pit In is a table for a bicycle whose saddle functions as a chair.
Sitting on the saddle of bicycle, for example, you can take a coffee break, check e-mails by lap-top, and so on.  This table will open up a new lifestyle of bicycle.

And there you have it...

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  1. I want to see you on one soon! That would be hilarious.