Saturday, August 13, 2011


I've just been introduced to a great new website called bindle. It's a site that allows you to "show and tell" your gear. If, like me, you hadn't heard the word 'bindle' before, you won't appreciate the aptness of the name. Thanks to our friends at, you can now:


  [bin-dl]  Show IPA
–noun Slang .
a bundle, usually of bedding and other possessions, carried by hobo.

I guess the only variation of the definition required is to remove the hobo part, as I suspect that most users of this site will be displaying some very trick gear.
I foresee that this site will become very popular with folk wanting to see what experts in their area of interest use while plying their trade, be it bikes, gaming, fishing or whatever.

You can read more about bindle in this post written by one of the creators.

And if you'd like to create your own bindle, here's an invitation.
Anyway, here's a quick bindle I cobbled together with the gear I take out when exploring on my bike.

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