Saturday, November 5, 2011

Bike Anatomy (and stuff)

Have I got a treat for you today? Yes, yes I do. And with the knowledge that people don't like reading much these days, it's pictures, pictures, pictures! Pictures of bikes of course. Some of them are art, some informative and others funny. They've all got two things in common. Firstly, they're all about bikes which is how they've made it onto these fabled pages. And secondly, they're all labelled or tagged so you can learn all about top tubes, seat stays, head sets and bottom brackets. So fling that Saturday paper aside and get some bike in ya!

There's this one from Aaron Kuehn.

And then this one. I'm not sure who it's by but I came across it on the Two Wheels Better blog. And a note of caution; if you're studying for your bicycle mechanic's certificate, perhaps avoid using this when revising.

And in case you want to model yourself as a hipster, here's how;

Then there's this pretty little picture;

Then there's this one which gets into the specifics of reflectors (very important indeed)...

And in a similar vein, here's a safety-conscious cyclist. although, I am left wondering where his front reflector is, not to mention his spoke reflectors. And while it helpfully points out spokes, I ain't seeing any spokes.

I really like this one. It's got everything; training wheels bracket, seat post binder bolt, safety pad...

The following might not be so useful without the key but it is interesting.

Here's one of the LIFESTYLER DS1280 exercise bike, one of the greatest exercise bikes of all time.

Here's one from the late 1800s. A few unusual terms; bell-head socket, saddle pillar lug, brake plunger...

A bicycle diagram and key

And some stencil art...

All of these diagrams inspired me to try my hand at my own little diagram. Now, bear in mind that I haven't drawn much since I was about eight. There are a few problems with this diagram. I forgot to put the rear derailleur in until after I'd done the chain, so the chain line is a bit out. And I may not have placed the labels in the most logical spots. Nonetheless, and without wanting to blow my own trumpet, I would chalk this one up as a success...

And if you think mine's crap, then check this one out (and I don't care that it was drawn by a three-year old). It's all relative...

OK, now that you've been studying, you should be ready to complete the following exercise; label this bike!

How did you go?

Have a nice day.

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