Friday, November 25, 2011

Christmas idea #2 - Treadlie magazine

While we're still a while out, the one month till Christmas-off marks the beginning of stress for many. In an attempt to at least somewhat assuage said stress, I'm making it my duty to provide all the gift ideas you'll need if you happen to be gifting for bike a lover.

If Christmas idea #1 didn't tick the box, then perhaps today's idea will. While still nary more than an ankle-biter in the cutthroat world of bicycle press, Treadlie has already etched itself a place in magazine stands that pre-Treadlie was empty.

The Treadlie niche can be described as upright, cruisy, stylish and clean. Promoting bicycle culture and events. While it has an Australian flavour, it would be of interest to anyone into urban cycling culture and other bike-related things too. But there's no lycra or carbon rims or men with shaved legs. It's glossy and pretty and put together real nice.

To prove its international credentials, here's an issue I spied on a recent visit to Kuala Lumpur:

And at only $28 for a year's subscription, you'll probably have your recipient thinking you like them more than you actually do. And there's no harm in that.

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