Monday, April 30, 2012

Bike Crash App

A New York law firm that specialises in representing cyclists has released a free app for iPhone and Android phones designed to be used in the event of an accident.In this litigious world, I suppose it's no surprise.

Like any good app from a lawyer, it opens with a disclaimer, or in this case a "Disclaimer !";

The application of the app is applicable after an accident. When you have an accident, you select "New Crash";

And then you get to filling in all the details;

You can also fill in witness and police information;


There are other features, such as geo-tagging the location of the incident, fields for road, light and weather conditions, and media options, my favourite of which is the drawing function;

Personally, I'd feel like a bit of a dick pulling out my iPhone after an accident and proceeding to ask a million questions, take photos, draw pictures, record interviews and note that it's sunny. Still, maybe that's something I need to deal with. You might want to use it. And while I might label you a dick for doing so, that doesn't necessarily mean that you are one. I could be wrong.

While it's designed for New York, there's nothing that precludes its use anywhere else, except the emergency call function, which will automatically dial 911.


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