Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Will you be my BFF?

Long before BFF came to mean what one free, web-based, collaborative, multilingual encyclopedia defines as "Best friends forever - a close friendship typical of teenage and young women (sometimes young men). Such relationships are common in high school but, rather than lasting forever, tend to deteriorate when the parties go to college", it meant something quite different and altogether less annoying. Not to mention better.

The Bicycle Film Festival has now been around for eleven years - which in e-terms is generations before such initialisms as BFF, ROFL and LOL came to invade our e-mails, Twitter streams and Facebook status updates.

As the name suggests, the festival showcases films about all things bike. Below is a compilation of the festival's films from 2012. It has a nice song. It has bicycles. It is good. It will put you in good spirits for the rest of the day (maybe).

Enjoy. Happy hump day and CYL8R.

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