Monday, May 7, 2012


I just saw the (Warning: Rude word coming up) smug fucking ABC news anchors' comments on a report on car dooring. They responded with arrogant incredulity to the assertion by Bicycle Network Victoria's Garry Brennan that a car dooring accident is always the driver's fault.

The male anchor, who I will call Paul because he reminds me of Paul Robinson (and because I can't be bothered looking his name up), helpfully points out that "[he has] seen, and we have all seen our share of reckless cyclists".

I don't really think it's necessary to explain this, but I will just in case you're as dumb as Paul; yes, there are reckless cyclists who cause accidents. But if a person opens a car door into the path of a cyclist, it is always the fault of the person in the car. This is both the case legally and in the magical world of common sense.

So take that sack of salt and shove it up your arse, Paul.

That said, there are of course things that cyclists can do to reduce the risk of being doored.

Also, I don't really think increasing the fine will help that much. People get fined for all sorts of things and still do them. I can't see a driver sitting in their car weighing up whether it's worth checking for a cyclist; "Well, I'd be willing to pay $122 but now that the fine's gone up, I better look in the mirror."

Education's the way to go. In the Netherlands, you automatically fail your driving test if you fail to check for cyclists. I've had a quick look through the reading matter that's given to young, hopeful drivers-to-be in Victoria, and there is no mention of checking for cyclists when alighting a vehicle. Maybe if we told people they should check, they would.

All this reminded me of a video I saw a while ago that demonstrates what happens when a car door is opened in the path of a cyclist.

Happy Monday and I hope you don't get doored.


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