Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Inflatable Helmet

If you're looking for a way to waste 3998 Swedish kroner (which is approximately $570.519548), I've got just the thing for you - the Hövding.

Stylish person not wearing a helmet...or is she?

Is it a scarf? Is it a helmet? Well, it's kind of both. And just like other inventions that claim to be able to fill two different roles (like hybrids), it doesn't do either well.

That said, perhaps my claims are unjust - I've never used a Hövding and never will. Why would I want a disposable airbag disguised as a scarf that I could only wear in winter?

What's more, if it did happen to save my life I would probably die anyway because I'd look like this, except less femine;

When you have an accident, accelerometers and gyros detect the movement and activate the release of helium, inflating the airbag which wraps around your head. A bit like this; 

And of course, this won't pass the safety standards in Australia, so if you wore one there, you'd not only pay the initial fee of $570.519548 but a bonus $146 fee each time you passed by a Farbror Blå (which is what they're called in Sweden which I realise doesn't really make sense...whatever).

On the plus-side, if you do have an accident, you can return the blackbox to the manufacturers and then you'll get a "discount" on a replacement Hövding. They'll use the data to improve the mathematical algorithm used to deploy the helmet.




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  2. In the event that you do have a mischance, you can give back the blackbox to the makers and afterward you'll get a "markdown" on a substitution Hövding. They'll utilize the information to enhance the scientific calculation used to send the helmet snell . Thanks!!!