Thursday, September 6, 2012


Well before eBooks and iPhones, cycling had its own phenomenon that was named by taking what it was and adding a single-letter prefix; iCycling.

Unlike the 'e' in email and the 'i' in iTunes, which  simply stand for 'electronic' and nothing really, respectively, the 'i' in iCycling not only stands for 'ice', it also gets you saying 'ice' as you read the whole name. How cool is that (pun intended)? You could even read it  as icicle-ing, if you were that way inclined.

It would be like if someone making a new sport that required contestants to kill people in the most cunning or proficient way. They'd be mad not to call it 'sKilling'. Killing with skill. Yep, they'd be mad...not to...

Anyway, someone did invent iCycling way back in ancient times. And to prove it, here is some archive footage from 1939. I'm not sure where it's from but I would guess France based on the Pathé stamp on the footage. It turns out this footage is most likely from Canada (thanks to "British guy" for the information).


  1. Hey bud
    I read your post and watched the video you posted and I can tell you its not from France, although the French are renowned for cycling they are not so much hockey. Although French Canada (i.e. Quebec) are renouned for their love of hockey and skating about on ice! And since the hockey player in this video has a Nordiques Hockey Uniform on I can safely confirm this is from Quebec.

    from the British guy lining in Quebec!

    1. Hey British guy,
      Thanks for the information and excellent detective work. I'll update the post.