Sunday, September 30, 2012

MoreArt 2012

Wall pastings by Sadie Chandler

I went on a bike ride today to check out MoreArt, the Moreland City Council Art Show. As part of the show, the friendly folk down at the Squeaky Wheel are taking cyclists on tours of the Moreland area
showcasing art that has been displayed.

Today we began our exploration at Coburg train station and meandered our way southwards on the train line. Along the way we saw various paintings and installations, each with a story and a local bent. Some of the artists even came along for the ride to explain their works.

Details and photos below the break.

For dates and details, check here (PDF) and here (Facebook). The tours are free although they are booking out quickly. That said, if you simply mosey along the train line with your mind set on finding art, then art you will find. Each piece has a short description on site so you won't be left wondering what's going on.

Riders ding Paul Irving's bells (made from old gas bottles).

More bikes in Moreland. 

Forest Keegel uses cups to represent the creeks of Moreland.

Riders keeping track.

Kallie Turner's piece.

Several disused ticket booths have been turned into artist locations. This is Catherine Clover's work at Jewel Station.

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  1. this is something new for the people. at least to me, it is very new and really interesting. it has many different concepts mixed together which makes it all the more appealing