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The Weekly Cycle is a blog devoted to all things bicycle.  From racing to cycle chic to photography to advice to bike culture and beyond, we've got it covered at The Weekly Cycle.

The Weekly Cycle may be but a young thing, but we are motivated and obsessed.  We are experienced and articulate.  We are learned and knowledgeable.

We ride bikes.  We read about bikes.  We read about people that ride bikes better than us.  We fix bikes.  We read about fixing bikes.  We read about people that are better at fixing bikes than us.  We watch people ride bikes.  We photograph people that ride bikes.  We film people that ride bikes.  We dream about bikes.  We put lube on bike chains.  We grease our bottom brackets.  We do unheard of things with our bikes.

Yes, we love bikes.  If you love bikes, come with us.  Read The Weekly Cycle and enjoy bike stuff that we enjoy. Tell us about bike stuff that you enjoy.  Then see it disseminated so that everyone else can enjoy it too.

You can contact The Weekly Cycle at info@theweeklycycle.com

Now go!  Ride!